Havyaka sweets

Relish the richness of Havyaka sweets


Holige is a classic havyaka sweet flatbread and a festive dish too. It is a tradition to make holige during deepavali and yugadi festivals. Also, a favourite sweet made during havyaka occasions like weddings, munji etc. More commonly made holige is Kadle bele holige, i.e. holige made with husked Bengal gram (chana dal) as main ingredient.

Whole wheat flour is used to make outer covering, and the sweet stuffing is made with split, husked Bengal gram (kadle bele / chana dal), jaggery, and cardamom powder. This delicious holige or sweet flatbread has variations with different sweet stuffing made of coconut or sweet potato.

Though holige is a sweet dish, it is well packed with healthy ingredients. So Holige tops the havyaka sweet list.

Paayasa (Kheer)

Paayasa or Kheer (derived from the Sanskrit word Ksheera, meaning milk) is traditionally a milk based dessert, which has other ingredients, jaggery or sweetener, and flavorings added to it. As a custom, paayasa is made in every havyaka religious or festive occasion to offer God. Paayasa usually consists of cereals, lentils, and sometimes even fruits, and vegetables. Paayasa is quite easy to make and tastes delicious.

Kadbu or Kadubu

Kadbu or Kadubu is a soft, yummy steamed cake made from ground rice batter or rice rava (coarsely ground rice) and jackfruit juice or coconut or pumpkin or bottle guard. Special steamer Kadbina dalle is used to steam the Kadbu. Jackfruit kadbu is seasonal, and others are festive and occasional sweet dishes.

Kadbu is a typical example of Havyaka cuisine that focuses on use of local and seasonal ingredients to create unique and distinguishable dish. Except for the salt all the ingredients - rice, jackfruit, vegetables, jaggery, ghee, coconut, and even cardamom that is used for flavoring are either homegrown / homemade or bought from neighboring farmer.


Manni is a type of soft fudge, and can be made with rice or finger millet (raagi). Manni is a melt in the mouth sweet with smooth, soft, and delicate texture, and it does not have a chewy texture. The base ingredients of a rice or raagi manni are milk and jaggery. This is one of the unique sweet made exclusively in havyaka households.


Laadu or Laddu or Unde is sweetened round balls made from flour, jaggery or sugar, and ghee. Some dry fruits, nuts, and flavorings are also added to Laadu. Havyaka cuisine has a variety of laadu or laddu recipes with unique ingredients and diverse cooking methods.