Havyaka breakfast recipes

The first and the most important meal of the day


Tellevu is the ever-popular and regular Havyaka breakfast dish made with just a handful of ingredients. Tellevu are very thin crispy or soft crepes (a thin pancake) made with ground and less fermented rice batter as main ingredient. Tellevu variations depend on additional ingredients, like Mogekaayi, cucumber, jackfruit, flattened rice, etc., added to the batter. Find below some of our Tellevu recipes that are favoured by many of us.

Dose (Dosa), Dadna, and Gundpongle

Dadna is a soft, sweet, fluffy, tender, and tasty pancake prepared with ground rice batter, jaggery, and jackfruit or banana. Dose or Dosa are crispy crepes or soft and fluffy like Dadna made with ground rice and husked black gram batter that is fermented. The batter is spread thickly to get soft, fluffy Dadna or Dose. And, to make cripsy Dose the batter is spread evenly. Gundpongle are small spongy dumplings made with a fermented batter that is similar to dose batter.

Kadbu (Kadubu), Idli

Kadbu or Kadubu belongs to Idli family and is one of the healthiest breakfast, and occassionally dinner, or lunch dish. Kadbu is a soft, fluffy steamed cake made with coarse rice or whole wheat rava and ground husked / hulled black gram batter. Though making of Kadbu and Idli batter is almost the same, steaming technique differs. We make banana leaf Kotte or cup (Kotte literally means cover / envelop / surround.) and pour the batter in Kotte. And, we continue to use the olden days steamer to steam the Kadbu. This steamer is called Kadubina Dalle. There is a sweet version of kadbu as well. You can check the same in sweets section.

Taalipit (Thaalipeet)

Taalipit or Taalipeet is a healthy, tasty, and little spicy flatbread made from various flours like rice flour, sorghum (jola / jowar) flour, and finger millet (raagi) flour. These flours are used individually with other ingredients or flours are mixed in proportion and used. Taalipit makes for a healthy breakfast, evening snack or dinner during monsoon and winter. Especially during mid to late monsoon when we have homegrown cucumbers (cucumber is one of the ingredients) in plenty. Here are some of our warming Taalipit recipes.


Avalakki is the ingredient flattened or beaten rice itself and the dish has the same name Avalakki that is made with this ingredient. The ingredient Avalakki or flattened rice is made by first paraboiling and then flattening the rice grains. There are various types of flattened rice - paper Avalakki, one that is very thin and a thick variety (Dappa Avalakki) and medium thick variant. Avalakki, the flattened rice can also be consumed as raw food. Avalakki, the dish is prepared with spices, seasonings, and with optional additions like groundnuts, green peas, fresh coconut, etc. This is one of the quick, easy, and light breakfast dishes.


Uppittu is prepared with main ingredient as rava (semolina flour or cream of wheat) or rice rava or shaavige (vermicelli), and other ingredients include vegetables, spices, and herbs. Uppittu is quite uncommon and occasional breakfast dish in havyaka household.