Havyaka Curry recipes

A canvas of traditional taste and aroma

This section consists of all kinds of curries, including dry curry, gravy, lentil-vegetables stew, etc., recipes. These curries are combined with plain rice and we call these curries as Padaartha. Padaartha is a Sanskrit word meaning ingredients. And, some curries are also paired with tellevu, dose, idli, roti, etc. You can find the unique collection of curries here.

Huli (lentil-vegetable stew)

Huli literally means sour. It gets its name may be because of the tamarind used in this curry. Huli is an aromatic lentil and vegetable stew made with pigeon pea lentils, vegetables, coconut, tamarind, spices, etc. Huli is a staple dish and mixed with plain rice to eat. Sometimes Huli is also enjoyed with tellevu, dose, idli, roti, etc.