Havyaka Occupation

"We, Havyakas are involved directly with the resources of nature. We practice age old activities - traditional ritualistic activities, and cultivation of the land."

Though the sole purpose of King Mayurasharma bringing our ancestors to Banavasi was to perform ritualistic activities Havana (Havya) and Homa (Gavya), the surrounding environment - abundant with amazingly beautiful landscape, awesome Sahyadri mountain peaks, hills, lush greenery, areas covered with fertile soil - influenced our ancestors to take more pragmatic and realistic approach towards life. They started ploughing the land and cultivating crops apart from their ritualistic activities. Please note that they did not become the landlords but they actually plough the land and cultivated crops by themselves. We are thankful to our ancestors for such a priceless aptitude they passed on from generations to generations.

Although now Havyakas are spread around the globe occupying various occupations, many, if not all, have embraced the ancient archaic traditional legacy occupation agriculture, and ritualistic activities.

We grow varieties of seasonal food crops and commercial crops. Major crops include, but not limited to, rice, sugarcane, areca nut, cardamom, pepper, coconut, and cocoa. We also grow many seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables.