Havyaka Literature

Literature represents the culture and tradition of a language or a people. Cultural context found in literature represents beliefs, customs, and values shared among a group of individuals. Literary work can be what is written or what is voiced or what is expressed in an artistic fashion.

A collection of Havyaka traditional songs is a rich and distinct literary work. It has an instant appeal due to its simple form. Havyaka traditional songs consist of classical ragas, but never learnt formally. These songs are passed down from generations over several years mainly through oral means. Though many people write down these songs for their reference, songs were never recorded nor printed until few years back. For some songs authors are known and for many authors are unknown. Lyrics or themes on which traditional songs are written are mostly on Indian mythological figures and events, messages, nature, god, and goddesses.

We have numerous traditional songs for every occasion and every event or instance of the occasion. Traditional songs are an essential element of every festival, religious ritual, and social occasions like marriage, munji, and other ceremonies.

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